5 Famous Murder Cases Involving Athletes

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New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez has officially been charged with first-degree murder along with 5 separate gun charges involved in the recent death of Boston semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd.

Not surprisingly, upon his arrest Hernandez was immediately let go by the Patriots, and Sportscenter started to look more like Dateline, with nonstop coverage and up to the minute details of the troubled player’s apprehension and arraignment.

While it’s too early to make heads or tails of what really happened, there seems to be a mountain of circumstantial evidence against Hernandez, including video footage of him with the victim, and the fact that he very recently decided to destroy his cell phone and home security tapes.

If convicted, Hernandez will face life in prison, a prospect that unfortunately, many high profile athletes have faced before.
5 Famous Murder Cases Involving Athletes

5Robert Rozier

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A former pro football player with the St. Louis Cardinals, Robert Rozier became involved with the black supremacy cult known as “The Brotherhood,” founded by Yahweh Ben Yahweh in the 1980s. The cult leader reportedly encouraged his followers to kill a “white devil,” and Rozier did just that. Rozier admitted to killing seven people in his testimony against Ben Yahweh and was eventually released into the witness protection program after serving ten years. He was later convicted of check forgery, and is currently serving time.

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